Combat ready, the call of the wilds,
Restless souls under tranquil smiles,
Looking for a way out of quiet shells,
Hear distant calls from the tolling bells.
“Tis time to act upon thy hostile dream,
Soldiers of the spirit with pent up steam,
Release the wild pleasure into open spaces
And run with the wolves to familiar places.
War is hell but where else do you fit?
Your paradise awaits from rockets lit.
Your country calls to put out the flames,
So feel the adrenalin flowing thru’ your veins.”
The pleasure of war is the discontent of peace,
The wildness in the soul shouting to be released.
At last the soul found its place in the world,
In the heart of soldiers, their wish to be heard.
Thank God for soldiers
To do the fighting for us.
Thank God for that wild wolf that
Needs to get out of their system.

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