Captain Courage
The mighty seas have become ere so restless
The devil’s day due while his soul transgresses
Too many quiet days have appeared before
Time for angry waters and tempests to go to war
Captain Courage, his new maiden voyage manifest  
Out to sea with his heart pounding through his chest
Virgin banners shredded in the relentless wind
A witness to nature and her unforgiving sin
Fishing season rolls around despite the weather
At play for the tough and the mighty all together
There’s only one way to face it, so full steam ahead
Put your doubts in your pockets and your fears to bed
Waves o’er the bow while a greenhorn’s at the helm
Mother Nature’s winning and the ship overwhelmed
Springing out from nervous skies and moving so fast
She fights like a lion with the prey in her grasp
Captain Courage, to you so brave and the battle won
To home sailing eastward into the rising sun
With fish in your tank and danger left behind
You are molded from a mixture of a heroic kind
A seasoned veteran now that knows no fear
Hip, hip hurray, to our captain, our cheer

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