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Handsome and devious such as he,
Living for the day and waltzing free,
A man with numbers written on his back,
He’s dressed in green with a big straw hat.
He looked at me with my eyes wide open,
A man for the kill, an unworldly specimen,
A hopeless man with empty pockets,
Filled to the brim with sorrow and debts.
He slid into my palms with a devious smile,
Led me awry and laughed at me beguiled,
Scorched my hands with his searing breath,
The pain so intense I desired my own death.
Cash is to me the devil dressed in green,
Looking for his prey, that big bad machine,
Waiting for me to fall and lose all control,
Then pick myself up, ‘Tis the devil I owe.
“Now stay away and don’t come around.
I may be down but not out for the count.”

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