The devil’s brew of a perilous beauty,
Of nervous skies and spherical winds,
Of grays and blacks so deathly charming,
Dancing the dance of a wayward dream,
With an inner eyes that sees the churning,
An outward flow that moves with gusto,
Hurricanes that move to the devil’s command,
Laughing at the angels strumming their harps,
Marching out of rhythm in an awkward cadence,
Disrupting the flow of the music so sublime,
Of fragile beauty and vacillate temperaments,
Of angelic smiles and rolling meadows,
Music of glassy lakes and azure skies,
Of upward climbs to the perimeters of heaven,
Flowing in a peace within a peace,
An intimate encounter with the Almighty,
A music that soothes and takes control,
A place in the confines of the contented heart,
A peaceful paradise where we want to be,
Far from the onslaught of the lashing winds
Of that vicious hurricane that blackens the sky,
That mixes with angelic melodies in the air,
That devil’s clash of beauty vs. beauty,
A mixture of angry black and a calming pastel,
As soon the calm gives way to the turbulence,
Building up massive waves crested in white,
Tossing ships around like rag dolls,
In acts of demolition upon the seas,
A calculated advancement to the feeble shores,
The invasion of the evil that levels homes,
That strikes like a cobra under a spell,
That brings the devil to the realm of peace,
Then leaves with a smile upon its lips.
Peace is only a dream
Of warm ocean waters
And forever peaceful skies.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Thank you Cat. I love writing about nature and her fury.

Cat Adams
almost 2 years

Thank you for writing such a vivid description of a storms approach, I find it fascinating, and beautiful as well, until the aftermath, the cobra's strike.

Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Thanx Nelson.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Mother Nature is gearing up anew for the next phase of the hurricane season.

Beautifully done poem as usual from you.

A place to be for a peaceful time-on the beach
barring the monster storms.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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