Dominating Forces
She is a rare orchid hidden in the rain forest
Doves fly to her, their sanctuary in the flesh  
Her body is a statue of soft white porcelain
Every curve is a sea of velvet waves
Inside of her is an angelic choir ready to sing
Her voice is soft while it is commanding
Feeble while it is powerful and melodious
Demanding while it is innocent and persuasive
Her words floated through the air to my ear
From my ear to my screaming heart
From my heart to every chasm within my body
As the sound echoed through my every pore
My throat was parched, palms were clammy
Legs were crying, words were rambled
Blood was erupting, veins were singing, and
Reasoning went out to sea in wooden caskets
My name escaped from me like a lost sheep
Her voice cast a magic spell over me
I was the lowest of the low, dumbest of the dumb
I was in her grasp, up to her dominion in the sky
In my weightless body I floated with her
Though space we roamed the skies
Through nights of rapture and bliss
Through treasured hours that moved too fast
Here I am with my power drained, with
Her laughing eyes looking at me
I am a nobody living in Nowhere Land
Her dominating forces got the best of me

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Joe Marflak
over 6 years

Of course the site poeticious seems dead for me I need help what is a good way to be heard nobody will listen hah I can't find anywhere to even start not even a coffer house will let me around here I'm from cleveland area

Robert L. Martin
over 6 years

Thank you, jnark9117

Joe Marflak
over 6 years


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