Elysium, a peak into the hereafter,
A climb before the climbing,
A looking into the heart of life
And finding the secret of death,
A hidden knowledge in the sub-conscious,
A revelation dying to get out and breathe,
An immortal truth to set us free,
A losing oneself in the chronicles of time,
A combining of the past and future
Into the wonderment of the present,
The losing of the word “wonderment”
But keeping the sensation of it,
The loving of everything material
As if it were not material,
The loving of everything spiritual
And its consecration of the material world,
The unlearning of everything learned,
The emptiness waiting to be fulfilled,
The room it left for joy to dwell in,
The spreading of it into the heart,
The breaking down of all apprehension,
The yielding to the power of love
And the feeling of its influence
Before the white wings of death
Free us from our restless tides,
Unveiling the mystery of the hereafter.

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Nelson D Reyes
Environ 2 ans

“The room for joy to dwell in” is what keeps us immortal! Faith and hope ever and love forever! Our Elysian place.

Thanks Robert. Like. Fave.

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Nelson D Reyes

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