Euphonic Clusters

Euphonic clusters in blue tonal depths
Beyond the reach of the seven steps,
Music climbing up into spaces beyond
On harmonic ladders of liquid fire upon,
Into tight openings with torches ablaze,
Coloring the wind as the spirit sways,
Touching the soul with velvet fingers,
Feeling the warmth as the music lingers,
Harmony that wraps around the heart,
A flame that blossoms from a spark,
A thread that weaves its way around,
A tightening up of such quixotic sound,
A moving heaven that comes to earth
Toting satchels of frankincense and myrrh.
“Oh sweet music, weaver of dreams,
Of salted earth and virgin streams,
Spread thy warmth of euphonic clusters
Into my being as the music lusters.
Spread its influence over me
And throw me into its deep blue sea.
There shall I live in total harmony.”

Preferido o celebrado por...
Nelson D Reyes Vic Grace
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