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Fanatic Man

Fanatic Man
Beware, there’s a Jesus man with angry eyes
With Bible words stuffed inside his head
Psalms, Canticles, Proverbs, Verses
His arsenal waiting in the wings
Living in the extreme to take me there
Burning witches with his penal torches
Going to war against contented sanctuaries
Standing on the promises of angry spirits
Life outside of Jesus is the forbidden zone
With barbed wire fences and bloody whips
Takes his rifles and tanks with him to enter
Evil awaits with its sacrilegious eyes
To hell with all who live outside of heaven
Where compromise and clemency come about
To hell with he who strays from narrow prisons
To a life that is pliant with shifting needs
To me, living life through Jesus
Is a chosen commitment
Resulting in a spiritual contentment
If life would permit me to do so
I would never stray from God’s command
But since I have to live in this world
Let me love as much as I can

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