Fate of the Irrelevant

Children of the earth, the boys of today,
alone and confused in search of relevance,
a one boy’s quest to become noticed,
to exercise his power over others,
to make them fearful and intimidated,
to eliminate his own inferiority inside,
a secret plan drawn up
through his loneliness,
his unwillingness to commune with them
or his banishment from their circles,
his assumed superiority over them
that he built up within himself,
his deaf ears to what they have to say,
the enemy that he made them into
from his distorted mind,
or the enemy that he thinks he is to them,
and his deadly plan of attack to gain and
demonstrate his superiority over them.
“Boys of today, lay down your arms.
You were created to be a good person.
You are relevant through the eyes of God.
You have the power within yourself
to live up to his expectations.
You can be noticeable and revered
a million times more than you thought
when you interact with others and
work with them to better themselves;
henceforth, to better yourself.
If you choose the deadly plan of attack,
you will suffer the consequences.
Your own death will be violent
and your “enemy’s” will be undeserving.
You weren’t created to think that way.
Be careful boy, and think of someone else.
Show God how diligent you are.”

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