Strange, beautiful, picturesque,
Charming, exotic, enchanting,
Unapproachable, untouchable,
Delicate, sagacious, mysterious,
Secretive, indecisive, proud,
Distant, cunning, calculating,
Easily understood by geniuses,
But maybe not,
Maybe not at all by anyone,
Or ever will be
From the opposite sex,
Those aliens from
A different planet.
I absolutely love
Everything they are.
I wouldn’t want them
To be any other way.
I want to be a victim
Of their calculations
And die in the arms of
One of them.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Not only Men become fools under the spell of love, but I'd rather be a fool than not.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

That goat in the picture cover is jealous. Women conquer all! Men, all men fall for them. We men are here for them not the other way. We do everything to please them, they look at their fingernails roll their eyes and we start purring out of our mind under their spell. That’s how weak we are under a tantalizing forbidden fruit. That goat wanted so much a taste of that green apple.
Love this one. Fave. Thanks Robert.

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