Fire and Ice
Take cover all ye men of the cloth
Or take your swords into a heated battle
Religion has grown into a giant dragon
Firing at temples, mosques, and cathedrals
Sanctuaries have become fragile houses
Swaying from the fury of the tempest
Altars are shields from arrows in their flight
Prayers are for a growing number of kills
Religion is warriors wearing the same uniform
Heaven is a place for the strong to inherit
Love is a creed for the weak to follow
Faith is a journey into dangerous places
Fire and ice are two religions
Standing up for their man made beliefs

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Robert L. Martin
oltre 5 anni

Thanx Duce

oltre 5 anni

This piece will really make you sit back in deep cogitation about how apocryphal and relative everything is.Great poem!-Duce

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Cory Garcia

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