Fourth & four on their twenty yard line,
Ten seconds to go, running out of time,
Down by four, the biggest play to begin,
A true test of power, so it’s time to dig in.
Hut, hut, - hut, a fake to the running back,
Who becomes a blocker, can’t take a sack,
Receivers taking secondary into the end-zone,
Tight end’s drifting out into the seam alone.
The ball’s in the air, all fingers crossed,
The season’s on the line, can’t take a loss,
A tall tight end against two short linebackers,
The perfect match-up, so that’s all that matters.
He jumps high in the air and snatches the ball.
He carries them to the end-zone. Hallelujah we won.

As featured in "The Belt and Beyond" Magazine.

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Robert L. Martin
Environ 3 ans

He went for the win and got it alright

Nelson D Reyes
Environ 3 ans

Times in life when you have to go for the "Hail Mary". Like fixing a dish you had enjoyed so much in a restaurant but had no idea how to except that you remember how it tasted and went by it. Like taking that road less traveled and getting precisely where you wanted to go in the first place, and automatically you made the sign of the cross - you're not lost!
Love these last second under a minute do or die situations, play off on the line. Hail Mary or back in your ten to the end zone run to spike a win by one point with no time remaining. Worth the last Fritos chip in the bowl!
Dream the impossible dream, go for the win! Ala Don Quixote!

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Nelson D Reyes

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