Free of Sin
Pure thoughts, no sin at all
Safely home, an answer to the call
Evil lives on a faraway island
Too far away, nothing to withstand
When someone is guilty of a sin
They that accuse, the first to jump in
Point their fingers with
Their own sin forgotten
Morality shifts between
The two too often
Commentators, who’ve become
Overnight angels
Have their bases covered
And all the angles
“Crucify the accused,
For my heart is pure.
I am the Holiest of the Holy,
The one with a cure.”
The one who commits a minor sin
Is no different than the accuser,
The commentator who FORGETS
That he has committed such a sin

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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

I get angry when sports commentators condemn any sport's figure for a sin, as if the commentator never committed that same sin. It seems to me that they are just trying to cover their bases. The harsher they get, the more guilty they are.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

We were all born in sin, only Christ can set us free, mean while we should not judge one another.

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