Creative Endeavors

It was 6:00 A.M. when I heard the door bell ring.  My friends came over to ask my mom if I could come out and play with them.  What fun we always had together.
I sprung up from my bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and washed my face.  Down the stairs I flew to join them.  I only had a few minutes to gulp down a bowl of cereal; then after that, it was all fun and games.
Out to the backyard we ran.  We looked around for our props.  The birdbath was the Olympic swimming pool where we won the gold medal for the United States. The old rusty wheelbarrow was a purple carriage that carried us to a big castle.    The old garage was the stable that housed the white stallions to take us there.  The pile of dirt was the mountain where it stood upon.  The sticks we found were the swords that we slew the dragons with.  The little pond was the moat that surrounded the castle that we had to cross to get there.  It’s so much fun to pretend.
In the evening when my stomach was growling and my legs got tired, it was time to curtail all of our excitement for the day.  After supper, I played with my dad until it was time for my bath; then my eyelids started to become heavy, so my mom read me bed time stories to put me to sleep.  
What fun I had today.  I know tomorrow we’ll have some more fun.  What a wonderful time I had in the days of my youth.  Creativity was a joyful natural phase of human development and not brought on by a sophisticated learning process, implanted by the grace of God, like it is to me today.

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