Between heaven and earth,
standing  out in front and floating,
directing the assembly of the clouds,
giants in charge of the trafficking,
the blowing of the idle air
through their colossal cheeks,
stirring up the lazy clouds
in obedience to the
commands of the master earth,
executing their duties since
time began its eternal rolling,
adhering to the ancient protocol
laid down by the laws of Genesis
when Planet Earth was a newborn
babe in search of an intelligence,
a looking up to a supreme being
and moving to its powerful voice,
the sultan of the winds,
the mastermind of the
uprisings in the
rhythmic jet stream,
the instigator of the evil,
the hands of the heretic,
the wand of the sorcerer,
the breath of the zephyrs,
the jasmine in its permeating,
the easy flowing of the
lofted rivers,
the maestro of the silent music,
the voices of the angelic choirs,
the lambs of the united herds,
the smiles of the azure skies,
the drifting of the lazy clouds
underneath the sacred kingdom,
the lofted cathedrals,
the home of the pure,
the sacred winds,
the sweet blowing,
the air oh so heavenly.

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Nelson D Reyes
8 months

True. The grandmaster director of the strength and weakness of natural disasters, the greening and flowering of planet earth since the first wisps of air had moved.

Like. Beautiful images. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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