Go Away Reality
Not that I am a procrastinator
It’s just that the others are too hasty
I like to sit back and dream
They are too scary in their realism
I get the jitters just thinking about them
Maybe if I close my eyes
My creditors will all go away
My stack of mail and bills will disappear
Maybe they will take me with them
And dump me into the abyss
Nobody will bother me there
Always put off today what you can do tomorrow
That’s the creed to live by
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get hit by a truck
How can a flattened out hunk of funky
Flesh and bones pay their bills?
Unless the dead can walk again, I’m cool
What a brilliant philosopher I am
I can move reality around anywhere to my liking
I can quit taking baths and still smell purdy
I can keep wearing the same underwear
And never have to change it
I can romance young ladies again
Just by moving the present into the past
Go away time!  Go away reality!
Leave me alone with my dreams

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