Going Solo

She sits alone watching people as they laugh and share their pleasure with each other.  Her sad eyes tell a story of her loneliness; of how she longs for a friend to share her bottled up feelings with.  Solitude has strong silky fingers that can reach in and grasp the heart and make it ache with sorrow.  If she had a judicious and sympathizing friend, she could confide in her and find the true definition of friendship.
Her maturation process has developed without the most important ingredient.  To have a friend is to be one.  Instead of seeking someone out to offer assistance to, she asks strangers to help her, further alienating them from her.  Friendship is a mutual willingness to help each other through their compassion, the love that develops over a period of time, when trust is put on trial.  A true friend is one who passes that test.
The best way to find a friend is to know how to listen to their needs, and find out how to be of assistance to them.
Until she finds a good friend, she will take her misconceptions and loneliness with her to the grave.  God bless her.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I'm glad you got inspired.

Parker Jennings
almost 5 years

Inspired me to reach out to one of my older friends I haven't spoken to in a while

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