Harmonic Inspirations

My soul is a mystery to me.  It lies in judgment as to what should inspire me.  It selects certain harmonies in music that move me and the ones that don’t.  I have no control over it.
It defies the rules of love, that non-judgmental spirit that moves through me.  Love moves me closer to God, but its discriminate nature that my soul gives to it, draws me closer to a certain kind of music.  Music is the universal language of the spirits, but my preference isolates me from universal love which encompasses every living thing.
My soul is telling me that love is prejudicial, but God tells me that it isn’t.
Love and music are an extension of that universal spirit that sanctifies  every breath we breathe.  If prejudgment existed only in the mind, I could control its influence over me, but if it is imbedded in my soul, I have nothing to do with it.
Beautiful harmonic passages draw me closer to God; those prejudicial passages that defy the rules of love.  That is why my soul remains a mystery to me.

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