Hello Again

It has been hell since you were gone
Synthesizers and one man bands ruled
Random sounds came from wasted streets
The rich were getting richer from the poor
A new form of intelligence had arisen
Schools of thought become irrelevant
Composers were forced to unlearn
Recording studios became instant arrangers
Educators came from schools of simplicity
Simplicity came from no schools at all
Institutions of higher learning
Lost their credibility
Magna cum laude sank to its lowest levels
Bach’s visions of progress were shattered
The streets became the new intelligence  
Thinking became a deterrent to success
Musical prowess was replaced by theatrics
Sex became the new marketing device
Music fell off its proud pedestal
Harmony digressed to its primal roots
The same melody kept repeating itself
Over and over and over and over and
Over and over and over and over again
Musicians and musical instruments
Were getting rusty from not being used
Music digressed to its lowest levels while
Theatrics progressed to its highest levels
As it became the NEW music

Hello again music.  I spotted a band on the television where musical notes were actually played.  Lots of people were used again to produce the sound.  They and the sound seemed to be organized.  There must have been some thought behind the music.  I can’t believe what I heard.  Hello again music.  
Guess what I am.  I am a frustrated pianist, composer, and arranger who studied music in school, thinking that it was going to progress so I could learn how to progress with it.

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