Hidden Pleasures

My highlight of last summer was on one still night, sitting upon a knoll while listening to a live symphony.  As the fervent strings warmed my heart with their hidden beauty, I pondered over what made me move to its silent but yet vibrant pulse.  It is easy to yearn for the ending or the next movement, but something was there to keep me glued to the present where the Gods of music spoke to me in their whisperings.
When I arrived home that night, my new sensation had calmed my moods and exalted my spirit.  Although the specters of the night had tried to sing me to sleep with their commanding but melodic voices, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes and mind open.  It was this new sensation that spoke to the ear of my heart and unveiled new revelations.
Sensitivity leads to a keen and soul exalting awareness and reaction to the beauty in music, no matter how subdued or quiet it may seem.  It is like the nectar of the earth, hidden deep within its caves lined with crimson colored velvet.  I found its opening and let my sensitivity take me to it.  My hidden pleasure thrives in it.
Pleasure comes in many sizes and shapes to all.  Some is blatant, like the pounding of drums that drives the spirit to a frenzy.  It  speaks to the callousness of the soul.  It assumes that there is no beauty in music, like it was the heartener of warriors.    Some is refined like the finest silks of the East.   It speaks quietly to the nobility of the spirit.
The human spirit has to be in accordance with the mood of the music.  The beauty, no matter how obscure it may seem, is always there somewhere.  When we find it, it will take us on its mystical journey through spaces unknown.
When our sensitivity increases, it will look for the beauty and reward us for our fervor.
To the Gods of music, I deposit my heart and soul.

From my book entitled, "A sage's Diary."

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Charlotte B. Williams
about 1 month

Nothing soothes the soul, or blesses the spirit like music.
It can indeed take us to new heights. I would love to go to hear
a live orchestra play. I’ve not had that privilege yet, I must do that one day soon.

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
about 1 month

I used to live in New York City and go to Central Park in the summer to hear the Philharmonic orchestra play. I loved it very much. They played three times every summer.

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