Where ignorance and hatred prevail,
Inherited thru’ generations entailed,
Where fathers carry on what fathers left,
The good and the bad as firmly bequest,
Morals disobeyed and morals never known,
Spoilage from a seed so imprudently sown,
Where children fit into the very same mold,
Where morality is nothing and never had a hold,
The time is for fathers to rise up and rebel,
To break the trend and answer the bell.
The home of the brave is where rebels are from,
To start a new trend with morality number one.
“Show me a child and I’ll tell you
What its father is like.”

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Robert L. Martin
oltre 1 anno

Thanx Nelson. It takes a brave one to break the tradition of stupidity and hatred. Hooray for the one who succeeds.

Nelson D Reyes
oltre 1 anno

Something like “like father like son”. Or “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Morality rooted and steeped in the proper/improper divide.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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