As the quiet sky sits still,
We stretch our imagination
And think of the
Proper name to call it.
“Ha ha,” it laughs out loud.
“I’m quiet but also noisy,
Good-natured but also mean,
Noble but contemptible,
Domesticated but wild,
Permanent but transitory,
Handsome but unsightly,
A schizophrenic on the move,
With good and bad intentions,
With killer winds that whirl about,
Riding with the angels and devils,
With horns and halos affixed,
With seven heads into one,
So you guess what to call me?
You can’t name me right.
As his laughter filled the cosmos
In a satirical manner.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

And so we roll with the punch. And row our boat merrily. We accept it’s futile to fight her call her anything but a dichotomy yet the irony is she is simultaneously one. Ha..ha...ha...!

Like the halo and horn and seven heads into one.

Like. Thank you Robert.

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