From a planet or a God,
the birthing of a celestial body,
broken into fragments of sound,
a maiden excursion into space,
of sound dancing around the stars,
of colors with voices and charm,
of rhythmic feet and poetic arms,
sometimes reaching into the winds,
sometimes climbing aloft
to gather strength,
sometimes sitting still and pondering,
then racing through the clouds
with their innovative thoughts,
sometimes looking at me
through their pensive eyes
and charitable nature,
me with nothing on my mind,
or in my heart or on my tongue,
me alone with my empty parchment,
my lonely piano and loveless love,
of how I yearn to come alive
and spread my love across the moors
and the far corners of the earth,
of how I yearn to
find the words to write
and a song to gather into my heart,
to feel the strength of the Gods,
their smiles and passion,
the inspiration to write
until I die and beyond,
the knowledge of the hereafter,
the pictures put into words,
the wisdom of the ages,
and the me put into a poem.

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Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Hi Nelson. Wow! "The four colors of time to sing and write about." Can I borrow (steal) that one too?

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

The wisdom of the ages Mother Nature spreads before us, the four colors of time to sing and write about - simply inspiring all worth it to be alive smile get up repeat start again a new day a new page.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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