A certain kind of music gives me pleasure.
It enters my body though a secret door
With a snobbish gentleman for a butler
That lives in my soul,
Equipped with eloquent speech
And a pretentious smile,
Sporting a neatly pressed Armani tuxedo
With his nose turned up in the air,
Ready to turn away my welcome guests
That didn’t appeal to him.
Music of what he deems “inferior quality”
Is beneath his dignity,
His approval rating
That he set for his highfalutin self.
My involuntary approval is my butler,
My unwanted discerning feature,
My label that was given to me, “A Snob,”
Which I didn’t have anything
To do with, but he did.
My inherited label disassociated me
With mainstream music.
That butler reached into my contented self
And dictated to me
What kind of music to listen to.
I was born to love all kinds of music,
But he segregated it into styles
And made me a lover of only one:
“Contemporary classical.”
I blame him for what he made me into,
A highfalutin snob that is too uppity
To lower himself and
Find pleasure in all kinds of music.
This is my testimony of
My musical preference.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Hi Nelson. You gave me something to think about. I always thought that love of a certain kind of music comes from an outside stimulus after birth. The love of all music comes from the womb. What you said makes a whole lot of sense.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

You’re right we respond to outside stimuli positively or negatively, consciously or unconsciously. We adapt accordingly and thus our whole being benefits and improves our perceptions of things one of which is the music that was seeded in us before birth. My thoughts.

Thanks for relating. Always a pleasure talking to you, your poetry on many many different subjects is quite stimulating. Love it. Thanks Robert.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Music soothes the soul. Sets you in the mood. Music I believe is inherently embedded in us since we came out of the dark womb “crying” triumphant in our own infant way yet is lifelong tethered to our mother’s heart beat and womb sounds of love and life. Why we react in our own unconscious peculiar way - we heard a tune all made and suited solely for each of us
before we caught our first breath of air. Comes back to us as we mature, the kind of music we love.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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