When we judge, we must rid our hearts of all for-taken opinions: else, whatever said or done will be judged by the wrong rule. A previous wrong done to the one who passes judgment will eventually be held against the one who will be judged, even if his intentions are good.
When someone is hurt by another person in a previous incident, if the hurt still lingers in his heart, that pain will still be an influence on how he judges others, unless he rids himself of the pain before-hand. If he can’t forget it, he must try to not let it affect his decision making. It is unfair to judge someone based upon a previous affliction. If his actions even remotely resemble that bad experience, even though it was done through charity, it will be mistaken for an evil deed. What transpires in the hearts of everyone can only be judged by God, who has the insight that is needed to pass fair judgment.
Since we are not capable of knowing everything about someone else, we should try to know ourselves and not let the lack of knowledge affect our judgment; like, for-instance, when we are on the mend and still under the influence of a bad past experience. We should know that it caused us to make an unwise decision.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Let bygones be bygones. Saw, heard, spoke no evil. Accept, let go.

Breathe the moment...live in the moment. Be non-judgmental to yourself, to others, to the moment you are in.

No past, no next moment. Just now. This is it. Just be there. Not being judgmental on what, where, there is. Roll with it...accept the moment.

It is a tired mantra but it works, helps you to be mindful...to learn to listen and accept.

Like. Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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