Laborious Obligations

I wish our world had the work ethic that all creatures big and small have upheld since the birth of life.  Their devotion to it is a silent reverence to God’s perfect plan, which they know nothing about.  They just perform their duties in that involuntary world of theirs as if they had fervently read every book written by well informed writers on the philosophy of work.  Every task undertaken is that task completed.  Every animal, bird, and insect acts with the unerring province of instinct while man, through his ability to incorporate his reasoning, often loses sight of the end of his task.  He blunders on with his superior intelligence guiding him along the way, falling short of that mysterious natural thing called instinct that all beasts are endowed with.  
Animals and insects, our unassuming educators with no knowledge, have a work ethic that rises above all reasoning while falling infinitely short of it.  Thank God they do and complete their tasks in the same way since time began.  Where would our world be without our diligent friends who fulfill their laborious obligations with no reasoning at all?

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I'm glad that I am human. I just admire the work ethic that animals have

Parker Jennings
over 5 years

I swear this poem is a stark contrast to my own poem "The Spider Web"
where I look at the naturally enforced "food chain" as its own horror show, hence it being a part of my Halloween series, I do enjoy seeing both sides of the positive/negative spectrum.
However I'll stick to my guns and say that I'm glad we as human beings enjoy our status outside of the food chain and our *somewhat* leisure living should serve as a product of progress away from the animal kingdom, not diminishment from the glory of it, which is working without thought or contemplation.Working for the sole benefit of survival.
That's not satisfactory for me.Well done on the prose poem, I enjoy your work as usual

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Reminds me of the quote: "If to man a crcket seems to listen through its legs, it is possible that to the cricket man seems to walk on its ears".
Great insight in your poem.

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