Le Sacre du Printemps
Haunting theme you come alive
My sleeping passion you so revive
Primal screams come from the east
Searing breath I fear the beast
But as the music floats I come to rest
I let its fingers touch my flesh
Like lullabies from weeping angels
Heaven’s dressed in beads and bangles
Beauty is in the eyes of harmony
Music why thou art so lonely?
You search the skies to bring it home
Summon the Gods to see it roam
Igor Stravinsky your song’s divine
It stirs the blood feels so sublime
Heaven’s crying in open spaces
Bring it to me in earthly places
Before we reach the final ending
Softer than the snow’s descending
The end is here so let it scream
But do not wake me from my dream
Rites of Spring do not forsake me

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J Ann Crowder
about 4 years

Love the name and how you describe the song. Great rhyme and rhythm.

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

Thanx Parker. The Rites of Spring is my favorite musical composition. I listen to it to get in the mood for when I write. I almost know it by heart now.

Parker Jennings
about 5 years

Great poem Robert. Like the Stravinsky name drop.

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