Yesterday I saw my little girl
Being born at the maternity ward,
Then sound asleep in her crib,
Then listening to the sounds of her rattles,
Then copying her mother’s smiles,
Then taking her first steps,
Then playing with her dollhouse,
Then having a tea party with her friends,
Then going to school on her first day,
Then learning how to read,
Then losing her baby teeth,
Then playing games on her computer,
Then going to a pajama party,
Then staying out over-night,
Then talking on her cell-phone
For hours at a time,
Then going to high-school,
Then going out on her first date,
Then joining the cheerleader squad,
Then graduating from high-school.
Now my little girl is a big little girl.
For all graduates out there,
Happy Graduation Day.
It seems just like yesterday
When my little girl was born.

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Robert L. Martin
Environ 2 ans

Thanx Nelson. I wrote this one for the Belt & Beyond, the magazine I write in for the Father's Day and Graduation issue.

Nelson D Reyes
Environ 2 ans

And life goes on. Then you start all over with your little princess grand daughter! :-))

Beautiful milestone poem. Like. Thanks Robert

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Renata Martin

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