The patient side of love:
When infatuation is irrelevant,
When waiting is a requirement,
When prudence determines the outcome,
When abstinence subdues the urge,
When reason prevails over desire,
When instinct becomes non-instinctive,
When human nature becomes non-human,
When desire requires the numbing of passion,
When the fire is but a sodden ember,
When families follow the rules of morality,
Love is the union initiated in heaven.
The infatuated side of love:
When infatuation is a masqueraded truth,
When that truth is a beautiful garden
With roses that flaunt their alluring petals.
When the petals are glossy and silky,
When they are the epitome of beauty,
When there is nothing beyond that beauty,
When they reach down into the loin,
When they blind the eyes of reasoning
And the glare becomes too intense,
When it outshines all other organs,
When it overpowers all reasoning,
When instinct becomes the master,
When the enchanted becomes the slave,
When the slave becomes a blinded fool,
When the blinded fool dances with the devil,
When the devil plays with the spirit,
When he softens the fibers of morality,
When morality invents a new morality,
When that morality becomes a broken fence
That fenced in the abstaining forces,
And love becomes a temporary fulfillment,
That fool becomes a contented slave.

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Thank you Charlotte and Amaya. Most everybody is too impatient. They rush into love and become the fool.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 3 years

This is beautiful, and true. I think less hearts would be broken if people would exercise the patient side of love.

Amaya Sky
about 3 years

What an incredible piece, love it!

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