Terror in little packages
hidden in forests deep,
further than the eye can see,
out of sight, out of mind,
an incident of little relevance
is blown out of proportion
by ghouls of the media
on a mission to put fear
in the heart of the common man,
to get him to listen intently
to what is being said,
to glue his ear to the news
and sell more advertising space.
Congratulations media
on your successful mission,
the focus on the virus,
the domination of the bad
over the hopes of the good,
the downplaying of the
progress of the vaccine,
the instigation of the races,
the listening and broadcasting
the voices of the rioters
who wouldn’t even know
if the problem was fixed,
thinking that the
problem could be fixed.
The installation of fear
in the hearts
of the Americans.
“Look at what
you’ve done, Media Ghouls.”

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