Music, thou slaver from the highest authority,
Thy strapping arms that engulfed me,
That threw me into an exotic paradise
With thy melodies that freed my inhibitions,
That planted a seed in my imagination,
Anointed me with spirited oils,
That took me into the wilds
Where I ran with the lions,
Played with the grizzlies,
And answered the calls of the birds,
Thy soft hands that massaged my heart,
That beat outside my chest,
That traveled down my spine,
Into the home of the spirit,
That played upon my feelings
And turned me inside out,
That stripped me naked
And sent me into a paradise,
A look into the heart of heaven
That left me bewildered from
A magic that no one can decipher,
A riddle that no one can solve but I,
A believer that heaven can speak
And heaven is manipulative,
Standing in awe in reverence
To the power of music,
A captive in its invisible arms,
Luxuriating in its strength,
And lost in the forest
Of its dominion,
Stand convinced of its power.

As featured in "Universal Oneness: Anthology book from New Delhi, India.

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Nelson D Reyes
4 months

Very nice. Like.

That first mortal being who sang/hummed/beat the first musical note must have known the power it possessed.

Thanks Robert.

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