Where have you been and where are you going?  Are you wandering off to uncharted exotic lands?  Will you weave yourself around other melodies and create savory harmonies for music’s sacred rites? Have you been to familiar places where you felt comfortable in?  Have these places been a prelude to what’s to come or just soothing to you with no intent to continue on the journey?  Have these places confined you and left you with no desire to escape?  Have you been shackled by public opinion and forced to sit still while they honor and extol you?  Have you glorified yourself with riches that you garnered by staying in the same groove with no desire to move on?  Have you become old and tired?
Move on, get off your complacent pedestal, and make something of yourself.  Forge ahead and don’t listen to public opinion.  Recognize your capabilities, separate yourself from mediocrity, and rise to new heights.  You will feel the winds of freedom flapping against your wings.   Be care-free in your movement, for you will find new avenues that can take you to places that stimulate your mind and warm your heart.  These new places are multifarious and have no end to them.  
If these new places warm your heart and you feel like you do when you feel a new love, then you have reached a new summit.  Your new sensation has brought you to the realm of beauty where you can reach out and touch its wings.  Then it applauds you for being innovating and daring.  Your advancement has come about by what your heart begged you to do.
Melody, feel free to roam and discover new places.  Don’t let public opinion hold you back.  There are still so many ideas to be developed and new exotic lands to find.  Melody, keep going and don’t fall back.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

I hold in my hands a full glass of hope with my heart fully merged in it and my ears deaf to murmurs of doubt.
Thank you for sharing your upbeat melody Robert. Like. Fave.

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