Millie the Maggot
Oh how I love my maggot collection
I sing lullabies to put them to sleep
It’s fun to watch them slither around
They look so sexy as they move
The most sexy is the one called Millie
She looks at me with her sexy whatever
Maybe she has eyes, but maybe not
Maybe it’s just her sexy moves
That get me going
If she weren’t so stupid I could
Teach her how to sit, speak, and fetch
Maybe she’s smart and I
Don’t even know it.
Millie my love, you’re gonna
Be with me forever
Even after I kick the bucket you’ll be
Crawling through my bones
We shall be friends to the end
And even friends after I’m gone

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Renata Martin
about 7 years

This is so gruesome and cheery and sweet and almost maniacal! Love it.

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