Mortal Glamour
Come ye see the white wings of death
See them converging at the final breath
Snow white lambs come flocking to the door
The spectacle of death and bloodshed galore
Mortal glamour so resplendent you appear
While contorted faces find death so near
Adrenalin flows with the tides of pain
With nothing to lose and nothing to gain
Snow white lambs so innocent and pure
Mouths soaked in blood their Soup Du Jour
Come off their holy seats and lose themselves
Into darkened alleys where danger dwells
Dancing with angels and demons
The dreams of the pure and white

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

I don't understand everyone's fascination with death. They flock toward other peoples' misery. The newspapers are filled with death and destruction. Thank you for commenting, Nelsen. It means a lot to me.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Red on white soup du jour, a grim scene. Innocent beings are being slaughtered
for various reasons - food, religion, politics, research, game, survival of other fauna /flora.
Scenes of death for any reason is a macabre scene - contorted faces reflect great anguish
within a soul anticipating lost of life.
You capture that scene. Like. Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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