One tier alone in the night,
an empty heart and empty cry,
A soloed walk in the romantic air,
a music without the sweetness,
without tiers piling up in layers,
with nothing to keep it warm,
a frosty breath suspended in the air,
a tier alone in an empty shell,
crying through the lonely night
with arms extended but not fulfilled,
nothing to touch or embrace,
a love at the mercy of  love,
a melody at the mercy of a melody,
a something to enriich the feeling,
a piling up of beauty upon beauty,
a harmony of many colors,
of many tiers blending,
a potpourri of sound and sweetness,
a thickness prepared to travel,
a further cleansing of the clean air,
sturdy wings to keep it aloft,
a firm hand to pull it
through the thick night,
carefully and tenderly and softly
with an assuredness not to let it fall,
a reaching into the heart
in a harmonic manner
in tiers of beauty and more beauty,
a riding upon the electric spine,
tiers invoking tears,
waters of the depths of the music,
of love invoking love,
of feeling the pulse
and hearing it breathe
through layers of many tiers.

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