My Labyrinth

As my curiosity led me to find a solution, I became more confused.  The labyrinth loomed above my intelligence like a hurricane that I must traverse to get to the eye, that calming paradise of knowledge.
If I could recognize each step that was there for my benefit, they would lead me to my destination, but they were obliterated by technical jargon that only technicians could understand.  I admire their intelligence, but if I don’t understand the language, I can’t follow their directions.  I belong to the older generation that was educated long before the invasion of technology, that big mechanical intelligence.
Firstly, I still don’t know how to work my cell phone.  Secondly, when I made a deposit in my bank, I used to go there and bring them the money.  At least I knew it was safe and in their possession.  If need be in the future, I could go there and take some of it back out.  Now I’m afraid if I learned their technical jargon and did my banking by computer, the hackers would figure out a way to steal it from me.  Their technological knowledge and craftiness frighten me.  They are the labyrinth that I must traverse to learn how to do my computerized banking.
Far above our comprehension are highly intelligent minds that control our fate.  Some are evil, but some are good and there for our protection.  Their minds are so high above us that we don’t even know if they are on our side or not.
My labyrinth is technology, that vast ocean of divine intelligence, but also home of hungry sharks that swim around in it, looking for me for their next meal.  The framework of technology is built by good and evil, those scary people whom we don’t know if we can trust; but yet our false messiah who we have to.  I’m so apprehensive and confused.

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