Old demands aspire to be refreshed again
As worn out sounds need their oxygen
Before their expiration as the music needs,
A fresh new avenue to answer all the pleas.
Music is beauty that needs a new face,
Like a nomad looking for an unfamiliar place,
Like a tired melody that seeks a new paradise,
Or a lovely enchantress and a man to entice.
New avenues are the seeds of revelation
That blossoms in the heart a new sensation
That travels down the spine to the very core
That suffuses the heart and the want for more.
Music is not a tired old journey,
But an exhilarating expedition.
It is not the old seeking the old,
But a step in the familiar
Toward the unfamiliar,
The avenue to a new sound,
A culture that needs its innovations.

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almost 3 years

very well written, sir

Robert L. Martin
almost 3 years

Thank God for people to explore new ideas, and who work for almost nothing to make sure they are executed in an artistic way.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

A fork in the road you have to explore and come around another day and explore some more, innovate, improvise. Core values!
Like. Thank you.

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