Of desperation and a hard rock
Pressing against you and another
Of dry deserts and jagged cliffs
Of earth opening up to soft hideaways
Volcanoes spiting out dead flowers
Fairy tales dancing to the Macabre
Madness searches for a soft landing
A home where earth is a warm bosom
A proud breast and a honeyed nipple
An emancipated bee going on its own
A nature thinking about not thinking
A paradise where toiling is a song
Where Utopia is a daily routine
Where death is a chosen destiny
Where bodies are like perennial flowers
Where truth is a wandering minstrel
Shaping life the way you want it
Making it pliable with songs that melt
With overtures that climb inside
With tears that run through your body
From diamond studded eyes
That take you home
Where sentries guard your castle
And beasts lie down for you
Where danger thrills but not kills
In an oasis that waits for you
And sings your name

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