With my feet dangling
above the clouds,
my eyes fastened to their languor,
their silky wings,
their lazy drifting along,
their parting to let the sun in
and for me to gaze
upon the oceans,
I see those dazzling blue and white
patches on the skin of the earth,
far down beneath the clouds.
As I get off my floating perch,
anxious to get closer to them
and feel their texture
against my face,
I start falling and watch
them grow larger
enchanted by their movement,
their slow rhythmic grace.
As I get closer, the air is
filled with a briny aroma.
I can feel the texture,
the moisture of the waves.
As I dive down beneath them
with my curiosity leading me,
I can see the pulse of the waves,
their eternal perpetual engines,
the heart of Neptune throbbing,
the epicenter of activity,
the Oceanus, the mother of all
feeding her nautical children,
her rivers, streams, and lakes.
After all that, I only saw
a fragment of the workings
of our planet Earth.

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Robert L. Martin
7 months

Thanx Nelson. I probably should have saved this for Earth Day. There is so much we don't know about our planet. Thanx for the fave.

Nelson D Reyes
7 months

A million times over in each of the four seasons in planet earth alone. Incomprehensible. Why maybe one has to be in the moment to process an understanding of what is that is is at the moment.
Drives me crazy.

Beautiful poem. I fave. Thanks Robert.

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