On the Rise

He was a young handsome man of twenty one years, penniless, but with high aspirations.  His poverty didn’t seem to affect his character, because he still held his head high as if he owned the world.
He set out to embark on a get rich quick mission when he met the widow of a wealthy banker.  She was about fifty five, lonely, and rich.  She dyed her hair and deluded herself with cosmetics to look as young as she could.
The marriage took place just two months later, and his plan started to materialize.  Through her wealthy friends, she found him a job, but since he had no talent for anything except his good looks and eloquent speech, he failed at work.
He tells her that he loves her while at the same time, seducing other younger ladies who strike his fancy.  When he arrives home late at night after romancing them, he asks her how her day was and doesn’t care what her reply was.  Then he gives her a scornful look before staggering up to bed alone.  Any thought of going to bed with her was disgusting.
Life had drawn two different kinds of people to be intimate with her.  The first was a devoted hard working man who amassed the wealth and provided a good and happy life for her.  The second was a young gold-digging beneficiary of that money who thought that hard work was a form of slavery and the mere thought of it was degrading to him.
What she missed out on was being rewarded for her discretion for marrying her beloved first husband.  What her second husband missed out on was integrity, that soul filling satisfaction that upholds the love of labor.  Any deceitful approach to it further lessons the feeling of worthiness; therefore, lowering his self-esteem, forcing him to act through his man-made self and not his divine self, far out of reach for him by now.
Life was easy for him, but also empty.

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