Palate Man

Palate Man
Pleasure is on his menu for the day
A sensual journey, obsession gone astray
Making love to a sumptuous feast
To golden rays approaching from the east
They shed a light on all that is cool
Like lifting skirts to a heated fool
Palates on fire through sweetened tunnels
Of zealous crazes and honeyed funnels
Every bite is another step toward paradise
Like for a night of pleasure, a willing suffice
She is a fantasy, but dreams can be felt
Through fruits for a beautiful dancing Celt
Pleasure’s song comes from many places
From sated loins and stuffed up faces
Each is an ode to the ecstasy of pleasure
A stirring damsel for a honeyed treasure
He savors every bite like a passionate caress
With a heated pulse pounding through his chest
A night of pleasure, dining at the lavish spread
The Palate Man, a sensual story to be read
The Palate Man, where feasting is his devotion
Where food and wine is his hallowed ocean

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