Poetry angel with her teary eyes
Her persuasive wings and tender sighs
Her stormy sea and melodious rainbows
Her thorny peaks and gradual knolls
Her arms of satin and face of bliss
With heaven running through her starry lips
Her language sweetened by the wind
From the scent of the up and climbing jasmine
Her feet suspended between earth and sky
Drifting through space as the star lights cry
She hovers above as I lay down my head
Planting seeds in my dreams unsaid
Gardens of thought and gardens of prose
Laid out in columns in poetic rows
Stretching ‘til the end of the celestial earth
Where land and sky formed a spiritual birth
She stayed with me ‘til I wrote it all down
My angel, my muse, my one and very own
But she’s a lady of the open skies,
The daughter of the infinite and mystic wise.
She comes and goes as she pleases.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Thanx Nelson. I tried to make it sound as poetic as I could. Almost as poetic as you would sound.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

A fleeting muse
A green flash
When the sun
Kisses goodnight

Lovely poem Robert.
Images of the earth and sky stretched across far beyond our dreams.
Simply beautiful poetry. Fave. Love. Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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