Little girl of womanly attributes so fair:
Big bad wolves are not only in fairy tales,
But walk the streets in your little town,
Thirsting for little girls such as you.
If your tight dresses
Make you feel grown up,
They make them feel
All the more hungry for you.
You have matured faster than you should.
Life has been kind but also unkind to you.
Womanhood is gradually weaning you
Away from your dolls.
Your legs take you wherever you want to go.
They also give the wolves a hunger
You don’t know yet.
You have reached the threshold of womanhood
While not feeling what it does to you.
You’re too young to have feeling like the wolf.
They look you over and want to be your friend.
A bar of chocolate is not a token of friendship,
But the bait to catch you and reel you in.
What you don’t know is to their advantage.
Be careful, precocious little girl.
You have made the hungry wolf all the hungrier.

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Robert L. Martin
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You can say that again. Those wolves are all over the place. You sure have to be careful these days

Nelson D Reyes
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Watch out as well for the same wolves preying on grown ups without as much as any chocolate bait, adults giving big bucks to these predators offering “comfort and good feeling” retreats and seminars.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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