They rise up through desecrated cracks
From schools so cold as winter’s face
Wearing fancy garb and wayward truths
Looking for empty souls with virgin ears
Scheming smiles from hearts so callous
Standing on street corners with clever shouts
Building armies from misguided souls
Spiritual well-being is just within reach
“God loves only those who gather at my feet
I am the supreme, the alpha and the omega
Your obedience to me is my only request
With your riches, we shall inherit the earth.”
Beware, those who follow his command
Propheteers need you for  their own welfare
You don’t need them for yours

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Robert L. Martin
3 months

Good to hear from you again.

Robert L. Martin
3 months

Hi London.

3 months

Gather to the lords sight is a better way to tell, and not feet

Cory Garcia
over 6 years


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