The boss, the vigilant one,
The one who converts
Minutes into seconds,
Who is adept at calculus,
Who see the whole picture,
Who can see trouble ahead,
Who anticipates the
Movement of
Oncoming linemen
Who are strangers to him,
Who reacts to avoid them,
Who gets blamed for
Somebody else’s mistake
For letting them come through,
Who has to hide his
Feelings to the press,
Who says,
“We are all to blame.
We have to work
Harder for next week,”
Who has to be tactful
To his blockers,
The one who deserves
To get paid a lot
To be the one to
Do all these things.
Isn’t that true, Eli?

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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Did he compete the hail Mary?

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Eli Manning can opt for a “Miracle Hail Mary” -time running out, no time out fourth down at 50 yard line. I think he once called for a divine assist, I could be wrong. So many calls for mercy at the gridiron’s 2-minute warning.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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