Pressed against the floor
under volumes of books
written in the language of the dead
in tombs of the unimaginable,
the slaves of the prosaic,
in the shadows of the common man,
of mainstream flowing into the mind
and taking up residence in the soul
and deadening the spirit
and placing shackles around the heart,
poets let themselves become exploited
through the monetary value of art,
the redundancy of a new idea,
the new trend to follow and watch it die
with the tendency to die with it.
They become a mainstream advocate
And live by their laws.
Renegade licenses are
for the  discontented,
for poets who
prescribe themselves a remedy
to break out of the mold
and cure their lethargy,
the ailment that
deadens the imagination.
They are the brave
who defy the rules of mainstream.
All hail to the renegade poet who
got his license to fly with the wind.

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Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Thanx Nelson and Cory. I hate it when an art form is copied from another and deemed "brilliant." People will never accept poetry or any other art form that is far away from "Mainstream." I admire the artist that goes out of the limits and stays there. To me, that is the only way it will move.

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Words uncensored into blank pages...Jenifer Crowder
Like. Thanks Robert

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