“In the blowing you can see me dance.
I move in rhythm with the winds.
I am the snow at your upward glance
And start to dance when the storm begins.
I move with the blowing wind on cue.
I can show you where the wind is going.
I can show you how and where it grew.
Just like a river, you can see me flowing.
My secret lies in the hands of the storm
As they push me around and move my feet.
I wander many miles from where I was born
To finally rest on a winter’s mountain peak.”

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thanx Nelson. An ode to the beauty of the snow and the way it moves.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Nice. Like.
“Snow moving in the rhythm of the winds”

Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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