Serenade to the Sun
An ode to the phantom mountains
Peaking out through nocturnal curtains
The break of day for cellos lamenting
As darkness fades to night owls relenting
The day opens up with a rousing speech
From rowdy tympanis, a sound to reach
To every valley, to every ocean
To life it gives its full devotion  
Trumpets bringing love songs to play
As morning glories dress up for the day
To the west goes our traveling vagabond
As the sun embarks on a journey yond
Toward the night before all goes to bed
Violins proclaim there’s a dream up ahead
Of luscious sunsets along quiet horizons
As lovers embrace amid secret liaisons
In the night when tired days come to rest
When fading sounds come forth to attest
Music is our strength, but can’t last forever
For tomorrow brings a new song whatsoever
Another serenade to another sun up ahead
Another day, another sound, another pledge

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