Songs of Nature

Songs of Nature
Horns and flutes and strings and drums
Birds and bears and wolves and cats
Nature’s calling through forest and glen  
Into the orchestra and into the song
Music whistles as branches dance
Spirits linger as goblins laugh
Full moon rising as trumpets sound
Night-time songs as nightingales sing
Tympanis grow soft while sunrise peaks
A stirring in the meadow as grasses waken
Inspired orchids rise up to the morn’
Melodies grow and blossom in the sky
Clouds thicken while the earth is praying
Song of the rain from desperate choirs
Hallelujah choruses sing up into heaven
Heroes come from sacred spaces
Nature, thy beauty is in thy subtlety
Birds talking in their secret rhythms
Murmuring brooks singing soft ballads
Thou art the songs of nature
Thou art a symphony of life

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