The house was never the same as Vincent was rockin’ the joint with his guitar riffs. The band was smokin’ on that unforgettable night. The drummer was kickin’ the band into outer space. The place was jam packed. Everybody was singing and swaying to the music, especially one cute little inebriated blonde that had her eyes glued to Vincent. He ran down into the audience, picked her up, and carried her back on the stage. She threw her arms around him, grinded her body against his, and gave him a big kiss. Her boyfriend was startled and had an angry look on his face, but later forgot about it and grabbed another girl.

After the show was over, on their way back home to his hotel room, they downed a pint of whiskey, smoked a few joints, and snorted a couple lines of cocaine. Both were feeling high as a kite. While he was removing her garments, the room was spinning around. He professed his love and proposed marriage to her. He gave her all of his rings that he accumulated in the past few years for their engagement. After their torrid love making, they fell fast asleep.

Later that afternoon when they awoke, he felt her arms and legs wrapped around his naked body. “Where did those legs come from? Who is the owner of them? I wish whoever it was, would quit smothering me.” He then looked around and said, “Who are you? Where the hell did you come from?” “I’m your fiancée,” she said as she gave him a big kiss. “My what?’ he said. Then he looked at his fingers and all of his rings disappeared somehow. Then he looked at her’s and found them there. “Give me my rings back!” Then she started to cry. “No! I’m your fiancée. We’re getting married next week as you said.” “We’re getting what? That would be the last thing I would ever do is marry you. Get the hell outta here. I’m a rock star. I don’t go around marrying whoever thinks I should marry her. Girls like you are a dime a dozen. Get lost!” Then she jumped up out of bed, gathered up her clothes, started cursing at him, and ran out of the room. “Who in the hell does she think she is; jumping into my bed, getting up next to me, and trying to get me to marry her?” he mumbled to himself.

A year later while he was watching the T.V, he saw her picture. She was the daughter of a millionaire movie and record producer who got engaged to a well known rock star. She was sent out on that fateful night by her father to get Vincent to sign a record contract, fell in love with him, and felt humiliated after what he did to her. She looked beautiful and sexy on the T.V. Her beauty made his heart skip a beat. What a shame. If he had known who she was, it could have been him that was marrying her. His band could have gotten a record contract with her father’s company, and his life would have made a turn for the better. As it is now, the band broke up, and he was playing gigs for almost nothing in broken down old beer joints. If he would have only known who and what she was, things would have been different. Strangers in the morn’ remained strangers from that night on. He made his bed, so now he has to lie in it. Too bad, Vincent.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

Goes to say...what a bummer! A torrid night of sex worth a million bucks! Had he known indeed! Like.

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